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Aim to be One Billion US$ Revenue Company by the Year 2024-25.


We are a global player of ferrous as well as non-ferrous metals and offer tailored solutions. Some of the commodities we deal are below :-


We deal in Grade A Copper conforming to BS EN 1978:1998 (Cu-CATH-1) and also Non LME specification Copper Cathodes of Lower purity.


Lead of 99.97% purity (minimum) conforming to BS EN 12659:1999


We deal in Zinc of 99.995% purity (minimum) conforming to BS EN 1179:2003 and also Non-LME Zinc, Prime Western Grade and High Grade Zinc.


We deal in Primary Aluminum with impurities no greater than in the registered designation P1020A.


We deal in Tin of 99.85% purity (minimum) conforming to BS EN 610:1996


We source from Indonesia for our close Indian clientele.


We deal in Nickel of 99.80% purity (minimum) conforming to B39-79 (2008).


We deal in Iron Ore of High Grade (+65% Fe), Medium Grade (+62 – 65% Fe) and Low Grade (-62% Fe).

We ensure smooth sourcing, delivery, and transportation of metals. Our supply sources and customer base are highly diversified and demonstrate our reputation for strong relationships in the market. Our experience enables us to provide market-leading expertise in the flow of these commodities. We are associated with major base metal producers, LME brokers, LME warehouses, reliable shipping lines and renowned banks.